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Christmas Cards

One Tree, Hay Plains, NSW 1989 Mt Feathertop from Mt Hotham, NSW. 1990 Sydney Opera House, NSW. 1992 Children's Box. Melbourne Museum. 2000 Booze Bus, with thanks to Victoria Police - North Melbourne. 2001 Westminster Bridge, London. 2002 Webb Bridge. Docklands, Melbourne. 2003 Health issues. 2004

For a number of years I had intended to create my own Christmas card.
The idea was to record an iconic landscape that was related to an assignment done during the particular year.
I also wanted to highlight what I saw as the commercial overkill of Christmas, by taking the Mickey (Piss) out of it.
When an old friend approached me to be one of the twelve photographers to photograp the 1990 Lotus calendar,
I excepted on condition that I was guaranteed the month of December.

The 1989 'Hay Plains' card was to become the first of 15 consecutive 'Pissing Santa' cards.

Unfortunately, owing to illness, the series came to an end in 2004.