Over 26 years (1979-2004) Robert Imhoff directed 300 plus productions.

The following are a selection of that work.

Singapore Airlines Launch 1x30 ‘Big top’ 1981

Mercedes-Benz 1x90 ‘Like no other car’ 1988

Keep Australia Beautiful 1x30 'Door' 1988

Great Keppel Island 1x30 'Them & us' 1989

Honda Legend 1x30 'Butterfly' 1989

Mitsubishi Magna 1x60 'Statues' 1989

RAAF recruitment 1x30 'Antenna' 1991

Calibra Launch 1x30 'Bridge' 1991

Commodore 1x60 Launch 'World of Difference' 1991

Eunos 500 Launch 'Morphing' 1992

Kleenex tissues 'Clouds' 1993

SAAB 900 'Witches Hats' 1993

Mitsubishi Magna Launch 1x45 'Airbag' . 1994

Trim & Terrific 1x30 'Apartment' 1994

Ford Taiwan Aztec Launch 1x30 'Wolf '1995

Cussons Graphite 1x30 'Rock n Roll tennis' 1997

Medibank 1x30 'Portraits' 1996

Crown Casino Launch 'Million Dollar Jackpot' 1997

Honda Odyssey 1x30 'Rhythm of Life' 1998

Melbourne Water 1x30 'Litter Critters' 1998

Vaseline Skin Firming Cream 1x30 'Cover up' 1998

Ferrero Rocher 1x30 'Golden Christmas' 1998

McCormick 1x30 'Produce Partners' 1999

he Lounge 1x30 'All a woman needs' 2000

Cadbury Picnic 1x30 'Ugly' 2000

Victoria Police 1x120 'Recruitment' 2001

TAC Drink/Drive 1x30 'See the Light' 2001

TAC Drink/Drive 1x30 'Female' 2001

Westinghouse 1x45 'Montage' 2001

Cadbury Cherry Ripe 1x15 2002